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Double Sided Roll up

Description : Roll up stand is a type of economical stand, anodize aluminum with longer two legs or not, the cheapest standard roll ups with plastic parts and aluminium alloy


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1.    Roll up stand is a type of economical stand, anodize aluminum with longer two legs or not, 

the cheapest standard roll ups with plastic parts and aluminium alloy

2.    The banner can be changed quickly give you high flexibility, light weight and good stability

3.    The best raw materials is purchased and bring longer lifetime, no cracking crocodile tears, 

delamination or stress wrinkles

4.    Widely used for indoor & outdoor advertisement, trade show exhibitions, events, special

promotion, fairs, weddings, party Etc.

5.    easy to set up in seconds, both sides are available, it catches public eyes quickly so as to 

play a quite good role in advertising

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Roll Screen Series: Double Sided Roll up 
Item No: WER1-2 
Material: Aluminum alloy、steel
N.W/pc: 5.2kgS
Graphic size (mm): 800*2000mm
Can be supplied in any size according to customer's specifications
Packing: Padded oxford bag/5pcs/ctn (87*23*48cm) 28.5kgs

Stick around customer needs good service articles. To this end, one branch carefully screened list of customers who meet innovative product applications. Innovative products suitable for customers, branches and foreign currency settlement amount from the customer,Double Sided Roll up the loan card inquiries, aspects of the business use of the characteristics of an existing product structure, age distribution and other targeted analysis and assessment, clearly a variety of products corresponding to customer groups conducive to more targeted precision marketing. Secondly, in order to better achieve the effective matching of product innovation and customer demand, the branch of the structure innovative products, processes and marketing manager of customer target groups timely prompt. Account Manager and Product Manager with customer marketing, effective product promotion. Furthermore,Double Sided Roll up the branch also adhere to the network as the basis, the organization of the marketing activities, full publicity to raise customer awareness of the product. Account Manager for regular briefings and the effects of new products, in order to encourage efforts to promote the marketing staff. In the form of posters, roll up, electronic lintel, leaflets were widely publicized to the stock of the target customers, increase customer awareness and acceptance.