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Poster Shelf Model

Description : The poster stand shows your advertising products perfectly, and makes the advertising graphic more impressive


1.    The poster stand shows your advertising products perfectly, and makes the advertising 

graphic more impressive

2.    Easy to be installed , everybody can use it without introduction 

3.    Suitable volume, reasonable package, be convenient to be transported

4.    Durable, good quality, not easy to damage

5.    Portable. It can be used instantly for trade shows, store promotions, exhibitions, conferences 

and all kinds of activities 

6.    High cost-effective, suit for quantity purchase

7.    The width can be widened, Unlimited extension

Wall Picture shelf:Poster Shelf-ModelC 

Item No:WER3-5 

Material:Powder coated stand, aluminum alloy, plastic 

N.W/pc: 1.2kgs

Graphic size (mm): 450*1600mm

Can be supplied in any size according to customer's specifications

Packing: Oxford bag/10pcs/ctn(110*26*36cm)13.3kgs

122cm (a single centimeter on each side of your screen, easy to set up) * 200cm (two centimeters above doesn't have the word, since there's a pole above three centimeters beneath can not possess the word, because listed here are sticky bits); 148cm (a single centimeter on every single side on the screen, simple to set up) * 200cm (two centimeters above does not have the word, because there's a pole above three centimeters under can not have the word, simply because listed here are sticky bits). B,Poster Shelf Model show rack dimensions: 45 * 160cm, 50 * 160cm; 55 * 160cm; 60 * 160cm; the production set 800dpi, not blank. C,Poster Shelf Model stand simply means that X-shaped, marked the 4 corners with the screen produced out of buttons, you may buckle inside the X-shaped frame, roll up can be a shrink box, stained image to go with any time you can pull, closed when not in use can go in, go out performing publicity for quick carry.