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Triangle A board poster stand

Description : This A-board double poster stand has a snap frame which is widely used in daily life, made from aluminum profiles that open up by hand and snap shut under spring tension after you have placed your poster advertisement inside, such as brand promotion, conference decoration, super market advertising, exhibition publicity, hotel entrance and so on.


This A-board double poster stand has a snap frame which is widely used in daily life, made from 

aluminum profiles that open up by hand and snap shut under spring tension after you have placed 

your poster advertisement inside, such as brand promotion, conference decoration, super market 

advertising, exhibition publicity, hotel entrance and so on.

Light weight, easy to set up in seconds, both sides are available, it catches public eyes quickly so 

as to play a quite good role in advertising. 

1.  Strong aluminum material for great durability 
2.  Rust proof and water proof when used outside
3.    Unique and exquisite design 
4.    Easy to change poster with snap spring frame design on all 4 sides 
5.    Clear Anti- glare covers protect your posters from rain and dirt
6.    Chromed rounded corners which increase stability 
7.    Chromed anti slip feet
8.    Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Poster Stand Series:Luxury Triangle A-Board Single/Double 
Item No: WER6-15
Material:Aluminum alloy, plastic, KT board
Stand size (mm): 1000(h)*600(w)*1040(h)

bracket as there are a variety of styles and models, the higher the grade, the higher the price of the material, the better, of course x frame. L-type display: We often referred to as "L Chin" or "L frame" belongs conventional display, the reason for which is defined as L Chin, picture frame because of its support from the side is "L" shaped bracket which is L after the commencement of the overall size of the screen, the screen for photo or screen printing production process,Triangle A board poster stand the material is PP, synthetic paper,Triangle A board poster stand if you can choose a huge number of copies produced folded silk screen, so the screen effect is more realistic, more rich texture, color screen with the previous design originals the deviation is extremely small, the picture and individually removable shelves with bags, easy to carry, and H planes as suitable for outdoor exhibitions, advertising and other promotional bracket as there are a variety of styles and models, materials, the better of course, the higher the price of L frame.