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WER Streamline Front Series

Description : It is the international new display equipment, transform and upgrade it in the original net exhibition frame, conforms to the modern needs and the development of a new exhibition frame, is suitable for exhibition, conference, stores, such as new product launch publicity and exhibition.


This pop-up counter is quick & easy to set up with eye-catching graphics that project your branding 

to the market. Full use of the material properties, the natural shape


Whenever you want to advertise with an easy-to-take, low-cost and eye-catching tool, it can be used 

as trade show stand, booth stand, exhibition stand, fair stand It is the international new display

equipment, transform and upgrade it in the original net exhibition frame, conforms to the modern needs 

and the development of a new exhibition frame, is suitable for exhibition, conference, stores, such as 

new product launch publicity and exhibition.

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china WER Streamline Front Series for sale



WER Streamline Front Series model and parameter

Model No.



Picture size
(Width mm × Height mm)

Hardware size
(Width mm × Height mm)




1480 × 1000

600 × 970




1480 × 1000

600 × 970


Component schematic

china WER Streamline Front Series for sale


1.    Fashion: Good quality dye-sublimation screen production process, waterproof, sunscreen. It is the 

latest design of international exhibit design master and be produced with the advanced processing 

equipments. It can be made into many rich and fashionable styles.

2.    Light weight: The weight is only one fifth compared with traditional pop up display products.

3.    Quick and convenient: Aluminum tube system makes it very easy to assemble. Tension fabric pulls 

graphics tight and secures with zipper. Safety, quick and simple, no tools needed.

4.    Economic: Aluminum structure and removable fabric graphic can be used for many times, it is easy 

to transport and conforms to the international low carbon policy. competitive price, good quality and

fast delivery

5.    Environmental protection: High quality sublimation heat press processing makes the graphic very

vividly and waterproof without any chemical odor which will become the mainstream of advertising 

industry in future.

WER Streamline Front Series with ten quality Enneagram type belongs to a class, just feet and aluminum side panels are so high-cost than nine points. Some manufacturers make direct use of steel ten type, lower cost, but the quality is not as good aluminum production. Enneagram type and ten more general domestic supermarkets and small shopping center use. Outdoor WER Streamline Front Series is the most important product is also the most expensive one, its body is all aluminum production, but let's do the iron body weight, because this product is placed in outdoor use, so it is necessary certain weight to increase the weight at the bottom to prevent wind blown. This product also belongs to the double pole structure that is two pictures, black body spray from the visual effect it also enhances the heavy feeling. New outdoor roll up our company tailored to customers a new type of product, the body uses aluminum and smoky, but the bottom of the iron counterweight so no outdoor light weight than before.