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WER Streamline Rings Series

Description : Quick and convenient: Aluminum tube system makes it very easy to assemble. Tension fabric pulls graphics tight and secures with zipper. Safety, quick and simple, no tools needed.


Creative design, intelligent interactive multimedia advertising, exhibition and the effective integration 

of modern media; Multi-style design, the use of lightweight materials, a wide range of applications


Aluminum alloy pipe system is used for hardware, shrink tube technology, marble lock design; Images 

with zipper pull cloth quick and easy installation, without tools. Ingenious mechanical design science, 

need not equipped with the anchor may present itself, distinctive modern beautiful fashion


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WER Streamline Rings Series price


china WER Streamline Rings Series for sale


WER Streamline Rings model and parameter

Model No.


Picture size
(Width mm × Height mm)

Hardware size
(Width mm × Height mm)


Circular rings

2955 × 840

9150 × 830


Square rings

2371 × 930

9150 × 930


The triangular ring

4515 × 1080

13370 × 1075


Component schematic

china WER Streamline Rings Series for sale



It is the international new display equipment, transform and upgrade it in the original net exhibition frame,

conforms to the modern needs and the development of a new exhibition frame, is suitable for exhibition, 

conference, stores, such as new product launch publicity and exhibition.



Fashion: It is the latest design of international exhibit design master and be produced with the advanced 

processing equipments. It can be made into many rich and fashionable styles.

Light weight: The weight is only one fifth compared with traditional pop up display products.

Quick and convenient: Aluminum tube system makes it very easy to assemble. Tension fabric pulls graphics 

tight and secures with zipper. Safety, quick and simple, no tools needed.

Economic: Aluminum structure and removable fabric graphic can be used for many times, it is easy to 

transport and conforms to the international low carbon policy.

Environmental protection: High quality sublimation heat press processing makes the graphic very vividly and 

waterproof without any chemical odor which will become the mainstream of advertising industry in future.

WER Streamline Rings Series and X show rack What's the distinction? (A) in the style and roll up X exhibition stand no distinction. WER Streamline Rings Series and X display rack but not that a single can not close up a close up, roll it up,, and X can show rack can not close up, roll up and may be reused, far more easy; though the X display rack is just not the same, so the price is slightly a lot more high priced than roll up X exhibition stand some. (2) The primary distinction would be the distinctive sizes: A, Roll has 4 standard dimensions: 60 * 160cm, 80 * 200cm, 125 * 200cm, 150 * 200cm; against these four dimensions, requiring Roll erupted images have precise specifications, the completed size need to do: 78cm (a single centimeter on each side of your screen, simple to install) * 200cm (two centimeters above doesn't have the word, because there's a pole above three centimeters under can not have the word, because listed here are sticky bits);